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Back Lift Adjustable Beds


Having a meal in bed, watching television, reading or just need to elevate your back?
Easy, at the touch of a button you can electrically lift your back to any position.

We do not recommend using manually adjustable beds. The obvious issue with those products is that you will have to stand up and manually adjust the head section to the required position, than go back to bed. If you're still not comfortable, you'll need to go through the procedure again and again.
This is not an option if you have mobility problems or simply looking for comfort.

Plega beds in appartment

With the Plega Back Lift Adjustable Bed you can effortlessly adjust your back to any position you desire. This is the ideal product for you If you do not need separate legs adjustment function.

You may also be interested in the Plega Fully Adjustable Bed
or the Hi-Lo Adjustable Bed.

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