2018 Melbourne HIA Homeshow

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The 2018 Melbourne HIA Homeshow marked a momentous occasion for PLEGA as we were awarded a 30 year exhibitor certificate from the wonderful organisers. We are extremely proud to have had a consistent presence at these trade shows over the years and to have met and served so many Australians.

The HIA Homeshow has now become more than a show, but a tradition and is something that we plan and look forward to every year. Not only that, it is part of our nationwide trade show tour which also includes the Sydney HIA Homeshow. This presence around the country puts us in touch with the requirements of Australians and allows us to develop our products accordingly. We have received invaluable feedback that lead to introducing and recommending certain materials in our mattresses to suit different climates. This evolved directly from dealing with Queenslanders instead of Melbournians and is an idea borne out of travel, communication, and innovation.
PLEGA would like to thank the organisers of the HIA Homeshow for the amazing work they have done and continue to do.